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For over 14 years we have been providing families with eco-friendly and organic products that are safe and sustainable. We love the work that we do and the joy we have brought to countless mothers and their young children. As our own children take their first steps into adulthood, we have felt a pull to expand our reach, expand our mission. It was through this inspiration that Just Cause Gifts was born.

In the early stages of this new adventure the needs, plights and desires of people and animals the world over would rattle around in our heads, calling us to action. Each call was as important as the last. Every person involved felt their heart being tugged to a special cause. A chance meeting with Jane Goodall opened our eyes to the world of chimpanzees while media coverage of poaching would inspire us to protect lions and other large cats. We know that this is just the beginning. It is our vision that Just Cause Gifts will broaden to protect not only more species, but global causes affecting families everywhere.

We see you, our customers, as our partners in this venture. With every purchase we can give aid to an animal or person in need. We have painstakingly sought out only high quality, sustainable products that you can feel good about giving or using in your home. We love the unique and original designs of our handmade gifts and hope to work with many more local or Fair Trade artisans to further our charity line.

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Just Cause Gifts
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